New Patients

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI New Patients

Congratulations on taking your first step in regaining your health in Zeeland and Grand Rapids. This section will guide you through the 6 step process of getting your life back.

Day 1: No-charge, no-obligation consultation

You will have a scheduled appointment time with one of our doctors. The appointment will start with a consultation and history. After talking, if your situation is one we think we can help we will let you know. If not, we will tell you that as well and refer you to the appropriate place. At this time we will also do a complimentary benefits check on your insurance.

Very thorough examination

After the consultation we will do a complete orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exam to find the source of your problem. If after the exam we still think we can help, we will again let you know.

X-ray exam

Following the exam, x-rays will be taken to determine the extent of the problem and to asses whether larger issues are present.

X-rays will conclude the testing for Day 1 and Day 2 will be scheduled

Day 2: Report of Findings

Day 2 will start with a complete description of our findings from the prior days testing. We will let you know exactly what is happening and our recommendations for treatment.

First Spinal Correction (adjustment)

After the report of findings you will receive the first spinal correction and recommendations on how to maintain your correction. You will rest for a few minutes following the adjustment to allow your spine to change and stabilize.

Post X-ray

Following your first spinal correction we will do one x-ray to determine the amount of correction we made. We want to be sure you receive the best correction possible. The better the correction the better the chances for positive results and longer spinal stability.

Concerned about X-rays?

The radiation exposure is extremely low with the NUCCA x-ray series, due to special lead filters that block out a majority of the radiation. The NAS (National Academy of Sciences) considers a single exposure of the whole body of 50,000 mrems (50 rems) to be a high level dose.

  • NUCCA x-ray series Flight from LA to Paris 4.8 mrems
  • Dental x-rays 310 mrems (whole mouth)
  • Apollo moon flight 480 mrems
  • Barium Enema 8,000 mrems (x-ray study)
  • Radiation cancer treatment 6,000,000 mrem
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