National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic Zeeland MI Back Pain

Gentle, no twisting and turning of the head and neck

Specific, analysis held to a prestigious standard of post graduate certification level

Precise, qualitative analysis based on math and physics with an individualized adjustment formula

Results, comparison of pre and post x-rays to assess change

When there is unequal balance of the head and neck, there is a higher tendency for multiple misalignments along the spine. These mis-alignments put more stress and strain into the muscles, tendons and ligaments that help to support the structure of the spine, and provide a framework of stability to the spine. Over time, this extra strain can increase inflammation around the joints of the spine. Inflammation can be present with or without symptoms (i.e. pain, limited range of motion, swelling). However, it can limit the misalignment from being able to self correct, causing the process of subluxation to form. Subluxation is the condition where the bones are putting pressure on or irritating the nerve space creating an interruption in the ability of the nervous system to transimit messages from the brain to the rest of the body and back. Think of it like static in a phone line or a wifi glitching.

Doctors of chiropractic are specialized in correcting these subluxations through a variety of chiropractic adjustive techniques. We train the spine to relearn its more stable position to functionally adapt over time.
NUCCA Doctors address the subluxation a step further: to assess and assist in changing the system the spine functions within. Through specific upper cervical x-rays, a quantitative analysis is performed to get the precise amount of misalignment present. Then, we are able to determine an individualized formula based upon math and physics principles for correction. After the adjustment, a post x-ray is taken to confirm whether the correction took place.

Here is where we differ, if there is not a correction, we will re adjust with a different formula and re-xray for confirmation! Yes, there are rules for this and we are as efficient as possible. Chiropractic is a practice.
Through a series of adjustments, the spine is able to strengthen and stabilize in its correct posture, allowing the inflammation to subside and muscles, tendons and ligaments to re-lax; overall, allowing the spine to restore function to the nervous system, via balancing the head onto the neck.
How can position of the head and neck help the low back?
Without proper balance, the foundation for support, the low back and hips, bear too much weight, or absorb too much shock and becomes un-stable. With proper balance, the weight of the head disperses the shock or force evenly throughout the body.